Be kind to other players

No griefing or stealing

No cheating or exploiting

Do not build within 32 blocks of anyone

If you are unsure if something is against the rules, ask a staff member

We encourage you to read ahead for a more detailed list of rules, especially if you have specific questions.

All players must have appropriate usernames that will not give offense. This will be decided at the discretion of the staff.

Your minecraft skin must be appropriate for our community and not give offense. This will be decided at the discretion of the staff.

If you accidentally break something, get stuck, or need help, use /modreq to ask for help.

Breaking or placing blocks on another player’s build, or otherwise “griefing” other players, is strictly prohibited. This is true even for seemingly abandoned builds – if it’s not yours, don’t touch it.

Do not enter another player’s area, or go past walls or fences that surround a player’s area, without permission. Going into another player’s base without permission is trespassing.

Do not take any item not clearly marked as free or public, even from builds that looked abandoned.

Do not kill other players, or make player traps.

Do not kill pets, animals, or any name-tagged mob of another player, without prior permission.

Do not ask for free stuff, or beg for items or money.

Do not hack, cheat, or exploit to gain an advantage that would not normally be available in regular and normal gameplay.

Some examples of hacks include but are not limited to hacked clients, illegal mods, exploiting Minecraft bugs, unintended gameplay mechanics, glitches, and hardware or software modifications.

Some examples of cheating include but are not limited to X-raying, block and item duplication, auto clickers, auto fishing, and auto mining.

Do not attempt to avoid the auto-AFK kicker while you are AFK.

Do not leave your tamed animals in public areas or other people’s builds, or else they may be removed.

Listen to the staff. They are players who volunteer some of their time to ensure everyone has fun and plays fair.

We encourage helpful players but discourage players from acting as staff. If you are not staff, do not tell other players they are breaking rules in a way that could be confusing or threatening.

Be nice to all the other players. We like to give chances and understand people have bad days, but that intent on creating a disruptive environment will eventually be muted or asked to leave.

Survival Specific Rules

Do not place any block within 32 blocks of another player’s build without permission.

Claiming land is simple – just start building.

You must mark the surface when building in the sky, underground, or underwater, so people know they are within a player’s area.

Do not claim an entire biome, unless it is a reasonably small biome and can be justified with your build plans.

You may make a large claim for a town or some other big build. However, keep in mind that large claims may be removed if not developed.

Do not claim an apparently abandoned build for your own.

A player may only claim or loot one of Woodland Mansions, and/or, strongholds. Other structures are free game.

You are permitted to install and use most client-side modifications to your client.

Modifications that change the appearance, performance, or overlay data are permitted.

Do not install or use a modification that gives a clear advantage over other players.

Do not install or use a modification that controls your player or automates actions. You must be the person clicking the button or pressing the key to perform in-game actions.

Do not install or use a modification that allows you to see caves, underground, x-ray, ores, or hostile mobs in a mini-map or map.

Communicating with your fellow players is an important part of connecting with our community. We are proud to have players of all ages and different countries, beliefs, and backgrounds. Keep the conversation civil and appropriate for everyone.

If you disagree with another player or are uncomfortable with their comments, notify a staff member.

If a staff member asks you to drop a topic or take it to a private channel, please do so immediately.

Keep public chat mainly Minecraft related.

Do not use profanity, racism, discrimination, insults, defamation, or discuss provocative topics in public chat.

Please use English in public chat.

Do not correct or criticize the spelling or grammar of other people.

Do not share spoilers in public chats.

Do not discuss bans in public chat.

Do not advertise other servers in public chat.

Do not spam public chats with the same message repeatedly.

Do not flood chat with a series of short messages in quick succession.

Do not repeatedly die and flood chat with death messages in quick succession on purpose.

Use direct messages or party chat when talking to a specific person or group of people.

Use of Alternate Accounts (Alts)

You can use a secondary, or alternate, account.

Your alternate account must be able to respond with any AFK checks.

Your alternate account cannot bypass the auto-AFK kicker.

You must not let another person play on your alternate account.

If you use an Alt to try to bypass a ban on your main account, then your ban will be extended to your Alt and the ban for both accounts will be extended.

Below is a list of commands you can use to communicate with other players on the server.

Instant Message

Use these commands to talk to someone who is online. The conversation is private between you and your friend, and can be made across any main AWNW server.

/msg <playername> <message>

This will privately message a player. This is great for personal conversations, and one on one chatting. It’s much preferred over talking in global chat to just your friends.

/r <message>

Once you message a player, or they message you, you can simply use these commands to reply back.

In-Game Mail

If you need to contact a player who is offline, you can send them a mail. When they next log in, they’ll get notified a message is waiting for them.

/mail <playername> <message>

Will send a message to a player, even if they are offline. Great for communicating with new friends who aren’t online.

/mail list

If you have new mail, use this command to check it.

/mail listall

This command will list ALL of the current mail you have.

/mail del <all|read>

This will delete either all your mail or your read mail, depending on which option you type in.

Party Chat

Using Parties allows a group of people to form a private chat room, where only members of the party can view the messages.

/party help

/party ?

These commands give you all the information on creating your own Party.


Used on its own, this toggles your chat messages only going to party chat or global chat. If you send a message (ie: /p hi!) your message will go to the party chat.

A warp sign teleports you to a predefined location on the map.

There are warps for Towns, Markets, Contests, and Random warps for locations that don’t fit the other categories.

Any player can buy a warp to their location for other players to easily visit.


How much does a warp sign cost?

A warp costs $10,000 in-game money on AWNW.

When you purchase a warp, the money is automatically withdrawn from your account, so be sure to have sufficient funds before you ask to buy a warp.

How do I buy a warp sign?

To purchase a warp, you need to do a couple of things:

  • Have something built that qualifies as a town, market, or something for the random warps.
  • Make sure you have sufficient funds in your bank. Type /bal to check your balance.
  • Get the coordinates for where you want people to warp to. Use F3 to get the XYZ coordinates.
  • Send a message to Fizzy Fox#9676 on Discord with the following information:

Name of warp: <Must be able to fit on one line in a sign>

Type of warp: <Town, market, random>

Coordinates: <XYZ location to warp to>

What qualifies as a valid town, market, or random warp?

At the very least, you must have a few signs that are immediately presented to a player that goes to your warp. These signs must contain:

  • Name of the warp.
  • Players who own or co-own the warp.
  • Any specific rules for that warp?
  • Market warps must have at least 6 chest shops

Moving a warp

If you wish to move a warp location, rename it, or close it then you need to send a message to Fizzy Fox#9676 on Discord with your instruction.

How many warps can I have?

You can have a maximum of one warp for each type – one town, one market, and one random.

Can I make a warp inside of another warp?

You cannot set up the same type of warp in the same location. You cannot have a town with a town, market within a market, or random within random within a 100-block radius. You can, however, purchase a Market warp inside of a Town warp if you wish, but will still have to pay for both.

There are several player-run towns, most of which welcome new settlers.


What if I am mining and come up inside another player’s build?

Some players like to live underground, and that’s fine. If you accidentally break into someone’s base, the best thing to do is submit a modreq.

What if they have something I want to take a closer look at so I can use it on my own builds?

You can look but not touch. If you can walk up to the building, then you can look around politely.

If you have to place or remove blocks to get in, or use /jump to get through doors, then it is considered trespassing.

You can:

  • Walk through and look at another player’s build, unless you see a sign saying “private,” “keep out,” “no trespassing,” etc.
  • If the other player shows up and asks you to leave, then you must leave.
  • If the other player is present, then you should ask them for their permission to look around. Just be polite, and they may be happy to show you around.

What are the penalties for trespassing on AWNW?

Trespassing will usually get you a warning, but if you stomp around on other people’s builds a lot, or at the same place repeatedly, then you can get banned for trespassing. Especially if you place or remove blocks to get in because that is also considered Griefing.

Griefing is the act of irritating and angering people through the use of destruction, construction, or social engineering.

Every interaction is logged automatically. Actions such as placing or removing a block, pressing buttons, harvesting crops, opening doors, and killing mobs or animals are all logged with your name and the date & time.

Additionally, staff is able to monitor players first-hand without being visible to that player. Staff routinely check on players to ensure rules are being followed.

Okay, but I am not really a Griefer, I just need…

If you’re hungry, need blocks, or want tools – you never take from another player. Every item in Minecraft is easy to obtain with a little patience.

Alternatively, you can purchase items from other players. 

You should not steal, beg, or cheat to get items you need. This is against the rules and may result in a ban.

You can use /kit tools to get a starter set of stone tools and some bread. You can use this kit once every 24 hours, and it should be enough to get you started.

Many towns and markets have public farms available. Simply look around the town and market warps, or ask in chat if anyone can recommend a public farm.

If the door or chest is open or unlocked, I can take stuff, right?

You should never take items that don’t belong to you. It’s as simple as that.

I am underground and mined into someone’s base. What should I do?

Some players like to live underground, and that’s fine. If you accidentally break into someone’s base, the best thing to do is submit a modreq.

While caving I found an area with lots of torches. What should I do?

In most cases, mining an area does not claim it. Placing torches does not claim an area underground.

If you encounter other torches, and especially if they have placed chests, it is better to just turn and mine in another direction.

As always, if you’re in doubt then submit a modreq.

I am pretty sure no staff is on, so I can grief and get away with it, right?

Absolutely not. Remember that everything is logged, including chat! If you take something that isn’t yours then the owner will almost certainly notice it and report it as stolen.

But I really need food. If I don’t take it now, I’ll starve!

Firstly, you won’t starve to death in AWNW. You’ll go down to half a heart, so you’ll need to be careful, but you won’t die. Secondly, there’s lots of food that’s easy to obtain. Chop a tree and you’ll get apples, cut grass and you’ll get wheat seeds, kill zombies and you’ll get rotten flesh.

If you’re desperate, you can try purchasing or trading for food from other players. Most players are willing to sell food pretty cheaply.

On other servers, I can do whatever I want. We grief each other all the time. It is fun!

Each Minecraft server has different rules. You need to follow the rules for the server you’re playing on.

Can I take crops, trees, etc, so long as I replant?

No, because those items do not belong to you. Maybe the owner will be logging in soon expecting to get a full harvest only to discover saplings.

The only exception to this is when a farm is clearly marked for public use. Some towns and markets have such a setup, so you can harvest what you need. Be polite and leave some for the next person and always remember to replant.

But I already took something and then I realized my mistake, can I be forgiven?

If you accidentally broke something, the best thing to do is immediately submit a modreq. A member of staff will message you to find out what happened and help put it right.

Note that submitting a modreq is not a ‘get out of jail free’ card. If it was deemed you griefed on purpose you may still get banned.

The staff has the ability to mute, kick, and ban players for breaking the rules.

If you get banned, you are expected to sit out your ban gracefully. Do not contact the staff about your ban, and do not post about it in public chat or on Discord.

Do not comment on another player’s ban or sanctioning.

Do not attempt to avoid mutes or bans.

If your primary account gets banned, you should not log in with your Alt.

Creating a Town

Anyone can create a town for other people to join as residents. You’re free to define the location, layout, theme and style of your own town.

Once your town is ready to accept settlers, create a point where visitors will warp in. Have a few signs placed informing visitors of the town name, the owners, and any specific rules you have set.

Then you can create a warp to your new town. For information on this, see the Warp System page.

Town Rules

A town may set their own rules, in addition to those set by the server. Town rules must not contradict the server rules.

For example, some towns have rules stating:

  • All town buildings must be made in a certain style, or with certain blocks.
  • Town members must be in a party.
  • Town members must pay a periodical fee to the town owner.
  • No mining under the town area.

These rules are imposed by the town owner, and it is their responsibility to check for compliance. If a town rule is broken, it is handled slightly differently than if a server rule is broken.


If a town member breaks a town rule, the following will happen:

  • The town owner sends a /mail to the person who broke the town rule.
  • The town owner must wait at least three calendar days for a response.
  • If there is no response, then the town owner can submit a /modreq asking for further assistance.

What happens next is defined by the nature of the rule infraction.

Town owners must never remove any blocks placed by town members without authorization from either staff or the person who placed them.

QuickShops give you the ability to sell items to other players without you needing to be directly involved, or even online.

Other players can purchase from your QuickShop any time they please. You’ll get a notification in chat of every sale made, either instantly or when you next log in.

==Finding a Shop==

*Type /qs find <item>

*If a shop is found within view distance, you’ll turn to focus on it and be told how many blocks away it is.

*If no shops are found selling that item, you’ll get a message in chat.

For example, <code>/qs find diamond</code> will find shops selling diamonds.

==Creating a Shop==

*Make sure you have money to make one! 

*Place a chest where you want the shop to be.

*The block in front of the chest must be unobstructed. You cannot have anything in front of the chest, including carpet or snow.

*Punch the chest while sneaking and holding the item you want to sell.

*You’ll be prompted in chat to enter a price to sell one of the items. (ie: to sell a stack of dirt for $3.20, enter 0.05).

*Value amounts must be to two decimal places.

*Fill the chest with the item you’re selling.

===Toggling Buy/Sell Mode===

*Type /qs buy or /qs sell

*Punch the QuickShop chest you wish to change to buy or sell mode.

===Changing The Price===

*Type /qs price

*Punch the QuickShop you want to change.

*Type the new value into chat.

Changing a QuickShop price costs $50 per change

===Removing a Shop===

To remove a QuickShop chest, simply break it. You will not be refunded for the initial cost of setting up the chest.

===Sales Tax===

There is a 5% tax on all transactions from QuickShops. This is basically 5 cents in a dollar.

For example, if you sell an item for $1, you’ll receive $0.95 and $0.05 will go to tax. If you buy an item for $10.00, the person who owns the shop will receive $9.95.

This is done to control inflation and reclaim some money from the server economy.

==Sign Breakages==

It’s possible for a quickshop sign to not generate when the shop is made (if it’s obstructed by a carpet, sign, torch, etc). But you can fix it by placing another sign on the shop chest and crouch-left-clicking it to update it back to normal.

LWC is a plugin designed specifically for locking things up. You can lock Chests, Furnaces, Dispensers, Droppers, Hoppers, Doors, Trapdoors, Gates, Levers, Buttons, Item Frames, Paintings, and Armor Stands.

There are some basic commands like /lock and /unlock, but you can even set things to allow friends to access them as well while keeping them locked from others. Also, keep in mind that most containers (like chests) are automatically privately protected to you when placed.

Here are some of the basic commands to get started: /lwc – Main command, will list all lwc commands you can use:

/cprivate – Will place a private protection

/cpublic – Makes chest/furnace public, but you still own it

/cpassword <password> – Applies a password to type control access for another player(s)

/cmodify <playername> – Will modify existing protection to add access for another player(s)

/cmodify -<playername> – Will remove a players access

/unlock – Will fully remove any protections

So you want to make a chest private, but let Friend1 and Friend2 have access?

Type /cmodify Friend1 Friend2 and left-click your chest to apply for protection.

Advanced commands:

/cautoclose on – When used on a door or trapdoor that has already been registered as public or private, this will automatically close the door after about a three-second delay.

/cdonation – Makes it so anyone can place an item in a chest, but only you can remove them. You must first /unlock the chest.

/cinfo – Gives you information about the locked item, including the name of the player who locked it.

/cpersist – Persistent mode will remember the last command you issued for LWC so that you can apply it to multiple containers.

For example:

Type the command /cpersist to enable persistent mode

Type the command you want to apply to your containers, ie: /unlock

Punch the first container to apply the change.

Keep punching the other containers to apply the same change.

When you’re done, type /cpersist to disable persistent mode.

We use mcMMO on the AWNW Server to add an experience system for doing normal Minecraft activities.

Useful mcMMO Commands

There are a number of additional commands that let you view information about your mcMMO skills.

/statsView all your mcMMO levels.
/mcrankView your overall ranking on the server.
/mcabilityToggles the right-click mcMMO abilities off/on
/mctopView the leaderboard for overall power level.
/mctop <skillname>View the leaderboard for <skillname>.
/mcsb keepKeep the mcMMO scoreboard open for the currently displayed skill


mcMMO has an extensive party system feature. It allows multiple players to team up and play the game together. Party members have several features they can use to improve cooperative gameplay.


An mcMMO party can have the following features:

NameFeatureUnlocks at
Party chatAllows party members to chat with each other. Party chat is only visible to members of that party.Level 1
Party TeleportAllows party members to teleport to each other once a day. Useful for brand new players who don’t have /tpa accessLevel 1
AlliancesAllows two parties to team up. Allies will have shared party chat.Level 5
Item SharingPicked up items are distributed between the nearby party members.Level 8
XP SharingmcMMO XP is shared with party members in a 75 block radius.Level 10

You can level your mcMMO party by performing mcMMO tasks. For example, as you mine you’ll gain mining XP and the party level will increase.

Item Sharing

With this enabled, any items mined or gathered will be distributed equally among party members in a 50 block radius.

For example, if you are mining with one other party member and you find six diamonds, you will both receive three.

XP Sharing

With this enabled, any XP received for mcMMO tasks is split between party members in a 50 block radius. You’ll also receive an XP bonus depending on how many party members are within the 50 block radius. Using this feature, it’s possible to quickly get XP and level up your skills.

For example, if you receive 50 XP while you’re near 4 other party members you’ll all receive 14 XP.

Near Party MembersXP Share Bonus


To get a list of party commands, type /party help.

Here’s a few common party commands:

  • /party join <player> [password] to join a party. Passwords are optional.
  • /party quit to leave a party.
  • /p Toggle party-only chat. If enabled, any messages you type will be sent to the party only.
  • /p <message> Send <message> to the party chat.
  • /ptp playername Sends teleport request to an online party member.

Party Leader Commands

  • /party create <name> <password> to create a party. Passwords are optional.
  • /party invite <player> Invites the named player to the current party.
  • /party lock / /party unlock to lock or unlock your party. This prevents people from joining.
  • /party password <password> to password protect your party.
  • /party kick <player> to kick a player from your party.
  • /party leader <player> to transfer ownership of your party.
  • /party disband to disband your party.
  • /party itemshare to share items with party members.
  • /party xpshare will enable XP sharing with party members.
  • /party xpshare none will disable party XP sharing.
  • /party itemshare none will disable party item sharing.

Party Teleport

  • /ptp to teleport to a party member. This is ideal for brand new players, so they can join a party with their friends and teleport to their base right away.


You can form an alliance between two parties. Parties in an alliance share the same party chat.

  • /party alliance to check the current alliance status.
  • /party alliance invite <player name> to invite a party leader to join an alliance.
  • /party alliance accept to accept an alliance invite.
  • /party alliance disband to disband an alliance.

Party Status

To determine the status of your party, type /party. You will see the name of the party, a list of party members, how many are considered nearby for purposes of item and XP sharing, and the names of people in your party. Those who are online and within 50 blocks of you will appear orange, those who are online but not near you, they will appear white, and those who are offline will appear grey.

You can use /modreq to ask for help from staff. This is the best way to report problems or ask specific questions. You can always ping @AWNW staff in the AWNW channel if it is urgent. 

How to use Modreq:

Type /modreq followed by a brief but concise description of the issue you’re reporting. It is best if you are standing near the blocks that will need to be checked by staff while you place the modreq.

Your ticket will be sent, and a staff member will come to your assistance when they are available.

Please be patient, as the staff is players just like you. Staff will do their best to get to you as soon as they can.

You’ll be notified when a staff member takes ownership of your ticket, and you’ll soon get a message from them in chat to discuss matters further. Try to be available in chat or Discord when this happens. If you are online and do not respond, or do not give us your full attention when we are trying to help you, then we may close the ticket.

Valid uses of Modreq:

Report griefing to your build. This includes missing/placed blocks, killed animals, and farmed crops.

To ask specific questions about your account.

To request clarification of the rules.

When not to use Modreq:

If you have a general question on how to play Minecraft, it’s best to ask in a general chat. A lot of players are very experienced and will be happy to help.

Modreq is not a mailbox. Do not submit multiple modreqs to follow up on an open issue that you know is already under the attention of the staff or the owner.


Command                            Function

/modreq create <message> Submit a new ticket

/modreq status             Get a list of your open tickets to check their status/modreq reply <message> Update a modreq with a reply


Trolling is defined as any action that is intended to provoke a negative response from another person. This can be done via builds, chat, or on the discords..

Most actions considered to be trolling are almost always intentional. If you intend to cause alarm or distress by your actions, then you are most likely trolling.

Players of all ages from all over the world play Minecraft together on AWNW, so building a healthy and friendly community is important.

While it’s important to remember that Minecraft is a game intended to entertain, it is also important to remember you are interacting with real people. Treat other players as you would other people in real life – with respect and courtesy.

Entering someone’s land or property without permission is against the rules.

It’s easy to avoid trespassing if you keep to areas where you can easily walk to.