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Happy Birthday Spaz!!!

Kaioko @ Survival
posted Fri at 0:22

It's officially Spaz's birthday! Leave some love in the comments below or on his wall. And as always, if you make him some of your fancy (or not fancy) art, just send it via the contact button to your right!

Here's hoping he has a year of happiness, magic and wonder! <3 <3 

xRayne93 Woo~ Happy birthday!!
gyekaj Happy Birthday Spaz!! Hope you have an awesome day and another great year!
Loosewire Happy Birthday Spaz!

April Vote Contest Winners & Stuff

Kaioko @ Survival
posted May 5, 18

Hello Nuggets! It's time to announce the  winners for the vote contest in April! Your three winners are...

DragonAnalei    -    Sunshine711    -    Sokoh

These three have each won a $25 gift code to our AWNW rank shop! The codes should be in your inboxes now and can be used in the rank, upgrade and extra homes shops! Keep in mind folks, we randomly choose so it does not matter whether you can or cannot vote every single day. Each time you do counts and is another chance to be selected! Good luck to all of you voting in May!

With player attendance low, we've decided to hold off on the build contest in Creative and put all our efforts into working on a better Skyblock for you all! I should have a post made within the week on our Skyblock forum for you all to post all of your ideas to make Skyblock more fun to play. Once we have everything worked out, we'll give you the date for the reset. A reset means new neighbors and that the current Skyblock world will eventually join the others in the museum. Speaking of the museum, Spaz has it finished, just has to do a bit more testing and it will be open for all to view. :)

Thank you all for your patience these last few months. Hopefully we'll have the streams up and running again soon and lots of new and fun things happening!

We love your faces VERY much!

<3 <3 

Kai & Spaz

Kagemorou Congrazzles to the winners!
xRayne93 A bit bummed that the build contest has been put on hold, but SB is something to look forward to!

Server rules for AFK'ing

Kaioko @ Survival
posted Apr 29, 18

It's been brought to my attention that there has been some confusion on what is considered AFK. If you go to our rules section you'll see that I've added it at the top under our server rule section, but I also want to place it here.

We have always said and always will say that if you can't play, do not log in. Simple as that. We know sometimes you're in a groove in playing and you need a drink, or a snack, or need to run to the restroom and you want to leave your character mining or fishing. Something quick like that is not an issue. You're not avoiding the AFK kicker, you're not gone long and can respond to us if/when we do an AFK check. Now setting your character up, regardless of how, and just walking away for extended periods of time is never okay. Never has and never will be. We want the people online to actually be playing.

Hopefully, that's nice and clear. If not, feel free to hit that contact button and send myself or Spaz a message.

I'd also like to remind folks real quick about a very important server rule - respecting all players. I don't care if it's a brand new player, staff, myself or Spaz...you are to respect all players. We have players of all ages, from all over the world - we're all different. You're never going to agree with everyone, so just be nice. If you can't, then don't interact with people. Remember that our staff (Spaz and I included) are volunteers. They volunteer some of their playtime to help keep the server a safe and fun place, so give them a break.


Do not log in if you're not going to actually play. We're all people, always be kind.

gurodiggerdeg So does that mean I technically shouldn't Just leave my dude at my gold farm when I'm working on stuff on my P...
GoldenDogSqueeze Be nice is the golden rule I live by. I love all your faces :)
Todd_riverden A better way to put that &quot;Be Excellent to each other. And....Party on, dude.&quot; :)
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