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Survival Updates

Kaioko posted Jul 14, 18

I'm waiting to hear the official word from Spaz, but we may need to move to a new map for Survival. When it crashed the other day, it was a lot like what happened with Skyblock. A few files got corrupted and he may not be able to repair the damage and using the map further may cause more damage. For now, it will remain offline 'til Spaz has time to check the files again and we talk over our next steps.

What would a new map mean? Well we're thinking of calling it 8.5 and it can be the waiting place for our essential plugins to update to 1.13. It would give you all a fresh new map and be around 6ish months (maybe more depending on plugins), instead of our normal year(ish) maps. Something to think about for sure.

Thank you all for your patience through all of this. I will hopefully have more updates and more solid info soon.

Love your faces! <3 <3

NolePaul It will probably be awhile...as I saw a tweet from the guy that does forge and he said due to it being a large update, u...
Todd_riverden Jamguy, It would be months before we had Survival as we have to wait for the plug-in's we use to be updated. And 1....
JamGuy I say hold off until 1.13. Especially since its out now.

Survival Server Down

Kaioko posted Jul 7, 18

Survival is still offline. Sadly,I do not have a timeframe to give. There were some issues that only Spaz can fix and he said he's not available until this evening.

Survival is back online!

Alright, so Survival is back offline. Spaz has to do a bit more tweaking before we can bring it online. Sorry folks! <3 <3 

ChewyCheese Quick question, do I still the the all magical munnies on survival when I vote?
NolePaul Chalky, come on over to Skyblock!
Kaioko Exactly what Todd said. I've done all that I'm capable of doing already. So, unfortunately, we're waiting...

The Skyblock reset has gone pretty smooth for the most part. We'll be adding the quickshops in spawn soon and we've added a new fun thing to make mining for cobble a little more interesting. You have a small chance to get coal, iron, emerald or diamond ore pop up in your generator instead. :) There will be a full list of all the Skyblock changes on the Skyblock forum very soon. And voting for dirt is still broken, but all votes are recorded, so when Spaz finds a fix, we'll give you all the dirt you voted for. :)

<3 <3

The Survival server is currently offline for maintenance. Will update when we can bring it back online. 

GoldenDogSqueeze Its always exciting to have a new Skyblock. You see I never have the heart to reset my own build using the options on th...
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