Late to posting this. For those of you who don’t use discord (we encourage you to do so!) Updates are released faster on there about shut downs on the servers. We had shut down Skyblock for it’s refurbishment and upgrade. We will have a re-launch date soon. (There is a lot to fix on here). … Read more

The polls are in!

19 to 12, phantoms have been disabled in Survival. A poll in 6 months will be held on, do we keep them disabled or re-enable them? (you never know if some will change their mind!). Other news: Fuel has been re-enabled on vehicles. Head drops should be re-enabled

Account Creation

Attempts to create, pose or imitate AWNW or AWNW staff will result in account membership rejection and deletion. Not something we wanted to post, but due to a few people attempting this, it has to be said.


Greetings fellow nuggets,Just a few reminders of what is going on. – Warps are back to being charged, the free month of warps has ended 2 days ago. – Warps are 6k each.– Please use /modreq in-game with the name of your warp and coordinates to said warp. Leaving me or Affixare in-game mail will … Read more

Private Messaging Service

Nuggets! I have added a new feature that allows everyone to private message one another. You can find this feature on the member’s page, via your own profile page, or others. This feature is still in progress, but all core functionality is there, and usable. Please let me know if you find any bugs, or … Read more

A Whole New Forums

Nuggets! Rejoice, the AWNW forums are now online! I am currently working on updating them, adding topics, and more. Everyone is encouraged to use them just like we did on the old website. I will keep adding features and fun things over the course of the next few days! Forums can be accessed from the … Read more


nuggets! AWNW network’s website is still under construction as of now, but with the launch of our new hardware servers, we are now moving forward on website development. At this time, you are now able to register to the website, this will be very similar to whitelist as you previously have, this will not … Read more