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Ban Appeal

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Ingame name: Grabashrimp2x0
Server: Survival
Reason for ban: Griefing
Date of ban: Today, 26 Nov 2018
Please explain why you think you should be unbanned:
This was my very first time playing AWNW Survival and I didn't know I was griefing! I'm sorry. I broke about 5 blocks off a house and I didn't realise that it wasn't okay. I thought it was a naturally generating structure that had been part of the map. When I got banned I saw that someone had actually made it! I replaced the first 4 blocks I had broken because the door was locked and I couldn't get in... now that I think about it there was a reason the door was locked and protected by a magical spell... I broke the 5th block and fell through the hole, and immediately got banned. I definately intend to follow the rules! I was so excited to be whitelisted, I hope I am not permanently banned. Once again, I am very sorry to have broken someone's house.

Posted Nov 26, 18 · OP
Kaioko @ Survival
If something is locked by a magical spell, it's a players build. It means keep out. You broke through glass blocks and a flower pot to get into the house and then decided to break the floor, which dropped you down. If you're unsure if something is player built ask around, put in a /ticket or something. If no one is around, move along. Ya know?

You can re-appeal your ban December 3rd. Do not post a re-appeal early and do not message any member of the staff regarding your ban. Take this time to go over rules and things and to ask questions you have.
Posted Nov 26, 18