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TrackPadNoob Ban Appeal

1 reply
IGN: TrackPadNoob

What Server? (Survival, Skyblock, etc)
Survival Server

Reason for ban?:
I was banned for using an x-ray texture pack

When did the ban occur (roughly)?:
On the 2nd of November at 1:36 (I'm guessing NZDT)

Please explain why you think you should be unbanned:
It's been pretty much a year since the incident happened. A lot has changed since then, I have built my first PC so moved from mac to PC finally which is good news. I had a sudden urge recently to play Minecraft again and even thinking about your server and going on this website gave me nostalgia. I was banned because I was stupid and thought it would be cool to try out the texture pack and get some diamonds, heck I barely knew how to use it! I would absolutely love to join the server again and come back into the lovely community you run here at AWNW. I will never use the texture pack (or break any of the other rules) again and will strive to be a very positive and uplifting player on your server :d.

I hope you accept my apology.
Thanks, James
Posted Oct 5, 18 · OP · Last edited Oct 5, 18 by TrackPadNo...
Kaioko @ Survival
It's been a while. I will go ahead and unban you. Please go over the rules again so you're clear on what's allowed/not allowed and ask if you have any questions. Welcome back!
Posted Oct 5, 18