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FINALLY - May's Vote Contest Winners!

Kaioko @ Survival
posted Jun 13, 18

Quite a delay, but here we are. The random winners for May's Vote Contest have been selected! Your winners are..

The_Shining_One    -    Loosewire    -    Jedihijinks

These three have each won a $25 gift code to our AWNW rank shop! The codes should be in your inboxes now and can be used in the rank, upgrade and extra homes shops! Keep in mind folks, we randomly choose so it does not matter whether you can or cannot vote every single day. Each time you do counts and is another chance to be selected! Good luck to all of you voting in June!

This month we will be focusing on our 5th Skyblock world and hanging out with you on Twitch. As I said a few days ago, it's looking like we're going to have to keep the Skyblock server offline until we're able to upload the new world. There's just too many issues with the current one. We're having to speed up our work, so there may not be a whole lot of changes to challenges and such at the start, but there will be a new world, so new and active neighbors! We'll keep you updated here on the website on when we can go live with the new world. 

I want to thank all of you who've been hanging out with me on Twitch,even through the choppiness. Makes me feel mega loved! I'm looking into upgrading my internet, so the chop-free streams should be back again soon! <3 <3

jedihijinks Ha! Awesome! Thanks so much. I really love this community, everyone is always friendly and helpful! I'm looking...
SparxCross SUB Thank you as always guys. I know I am not around much but I love these servers and the peeps here

Emergency Skyblock Maintenance

Kaioko @ Survival
posted Jun 4, 18

The Skyblock server will be offline at very least overnight EST, possibly longer while we handle some emergency maintenance. We will update you when we have more information. For now, enjoy Survival, Vanilla, Creative and the mini games on the Lobby server. Thank you for your patience.

Edit: Sorry for the delay in updates, but it appears we're going to have to leave Skyblock down for now, possibly until the new map. Will update you all when I can. <3 <3 

GoldenDogSqueeze Uggh,,,, hope I didn't break it lol..... Kai
Sasikins Sorry to hear that guys. I hope it is soon, had gotten to over 700 in a week and can't wait to start a new plan
Todd_riverden I am sorry to hear that. But for the record, this time I didn't break the server.

Happy Birthday Spaz!!!

Kaioko @ Survival
posted May 18, 18

It's officially Spaz's birthday! Leave some love in the comments below or on his wall. And as always, if you make him some of your fancy (or not fancy) art, just send it via the contact button to your right!

Here's hoping he has a year of happiness, magic and wonder! <3 <3 

Kagemorou Happy Birthday, Boss!
Lidea Voted! Congrats on making it another year Spaz! Here's to another with lots of happy memories and warm pancakes.
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