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6th Annual Halloween Build Contest!

Kaioko @ Survival
posted Oct 19, 18

The Halloween Build Contest is now LIVE!

Go HERE for details! Love your faces and good luck! <3 <3

September Vote Winners!

Kaioko @ Survival
posted Oct 2, 18

September 2018 Vote Winners

Money_Hunter   SEESdaBEAST   -   Cas_Winchester

Each of the winners should find their gift codes in their website mail now! Each one is good for $25 to our rank, upgrade and extra homes shops! Remember that every vote counts, but we also just randomly choose winners so everyone's got a chance! You can see examples on our YouTube channel from when Spaz used to do videos for it! 

Starting yesterday, October 1st, all votes are going towards this months contest. Good Luck to everyone who participates and thank you all for your votes, love and support! It's what helps keep AWNW alive!

V3Z Congrats guys.

Hello October!

Kaioko @ Survival
posted Oct 1, 18

HelloOOoooO Nuggets! <3 <3 

With your help, we've made it to October 2018. Thank you. <3 <3 The new goal bar is up, let's hope we hit goal a bit earlier this month...because wow that was a close one!

We've got some fun things planned for October. As always, we've got our annual Halloween build contest on Survival.The contest area is just awaiting a few final touches and special magic from Spaz and then I'll be able to open it for players to build in. We always give you 2 weeks to complete it, but if Spaz gets his magic done earlier, I may open it on a stream earlier. :) More details will appear when the contest is open.

I will be on Twitch a lot more very soon. I'm adjusting to my new work schedule, which allows for more days off, which means more Twitch! Don't worry, I won't only be playing on Survival. I'm thinking of either restarting, or continuing my island on Skyblock, and playing a bit of Vanilla as well. :) I really miss our minigame fun, so we'll have to do that too!

Skyblock's End and Nether worlds have been reset. Vanilla's End world has been reset and Survival's End world has been reset. The servers have been freshy restarted so everything should be running quite smoothly. And we should have the winners of September's vote contest within the next few days.


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