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Goal met

Kaioko @ Survival
posted Feb 1, 19

I was hoping I wouldn't have to make another post, but we again did not make the monthly goal. With what I can put towards it, we have to come up with another $50 to make the server goal and then another $30 (in about a week) for the website. We have until 5pm EST today to come up with the $50. I'm sorry folks, I was really hoping it wouldn't come down to this again and I've done all I can possibly do. :(

Here's to hoping. Regardless, thank you all your continued love and support over these almost 7 years. You all are amazing. <3 <3 

Thanks to Bud1987 & WandaKiwi the server will stay online another month! I super appreciate the support you two! <3 <3 

iMusik Thank you Kai for all you do and thank you for everyone who contributes. I don't play as much as I used to but it&...
Bud1987 $50 upgrade just made. Hope it helps!! Wanda and Bud : )

Happy New Year!!

Kaioko @ Survival
posted Jan 1, 19

Just wanted to take a second to say, whoa, we're in 2019. In April, our community will be 7 years old! Whether you're brand new here, or have been here all along. I love your faces very much! We really wouldn't have made it this far without amazing nuggets like you. <3 <3 Hope everyone had a great 2018 and that you're ready to make 2019 an amazing year! 

<3 <3


Thank You!

Kaioko @ Survival
posted Dec 27, 18

I've been slammed with work, but was informed last night that we've now met goal! The goal bar goes a bit wonky with private, direct to PayPal donations, so it didn't update, but we made it. Thank you all so very much for your support, monetary or not. We love each and every one of you! Hope the rest of the year is magical and you get to spend it with those you love! <3 <3 

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