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Survival Bugs

By Kaioko
Kaioko @ Survival
- Posted Aug 5, 18

It's been a crazy first week for Survival 8.5. We've already got people with power levels over 400 and /bal's of hundreds of thousands of gold! But with new worlds, comes new bugs/issues. There are a  few bugs going on right now that I wanted to be sure that everyone is aware of. Currently, for our Elite supporters, the /chest ability is not currently working. And the Nether has a bug too.  For the time being, only make your portals in the overworld and then use /home or /spawn to get out. Do not make a portal in the Nether and go through it either. For some reason, it's causing random portals and messing with folks land. So keep that in mind when traveling the worlds.

Spaz is working on all of this, including on an ETA for the museum server, so keep a look out. I'll do my best to update you when I have new information. Thank you all for your continued patience and thank you all to our current and new supporters! AWNW wouldn't have lasted this long without all of you. <3 <3 

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