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A couple reminders for Survival 8.5

By Kaioko
Kaioko @ Survival
- Posted Jul 31, 18

Hello Nuggets!

It appears that after the very short break (some of you were away longer, I know), people have forgotten how things go on Survival. Everyone has access to the build rules, which also has examples of how to claim things. You should be aware that torches and signs are not the way to go about claiming in general.  It certainly does not claim a village. If you're taking over a village, please take a little extra time to make it obvious that it's claimed. Put some land claims around it, fence it in, do what you have to to make it clear. It's been a big problem these last few days. If you find a village with poor attempts to claim, you can always put in a ticket and one of us will check it out.

If you're putting down temporary land claims, while you take time to build what you want, be sure that you're using blocks that do not occur naturally in that biome. So don't use grass/dirt, in plains. Ya know? Cobble, planks, fences, stone brick, etc. This makes it obvious that someone claimed something. Paired with a light source (oOoOOo shiny) and you are good.

Warps are cheaper this map in hopes that we see more town warps. Do not expect to get a half finished warp set up. Take some time, make it safe, light it up and put some effort into it.

And finally, most of you are aware that 8.0 had some corruption issues. The map is still there though. Your work is not gone. It just wasn't safe to continue building on that world. Once Spaz sorts out the permission issues with the museum and loads 8.0 onto that server, you will be able to see your builds again. :)

Remember, if you have a question, feel free to ask me via the contact button to your right. You can even put a ticket in. If we don't know the answer, we'll do our best to find the answer. But please, please, please if someone asks a question in chat, do not just give an answer to give one. :P

Love your faces! <3 <3

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