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Survival Details!

By Kaioko
Kaioko @ Survival
- Posted Jul 26, 18

I'm currently working on Survival 8.5 and we're hoping to have it open Sunday, July 29th!!!!! Hoping for a 12pm EST launch! Thank you all so very much for being so patient while we sorted this out. Love your faces! <3 <3

For Survival 8.5 we've sped up a few things. Hoppers are now at 2x the speed (and should stay that way). This speed change will be mirrored on Creative so you can figure out your machines and such. Warp prices have been cut in half, and spawner moves are way less expensive too. Spaz has also sped up mcMMO a bit as well, so getting to 100 in skills should be a bit faster.

For this map we've got (1) claimed End Portal, marked by a tower of obsidian and a giant Eye of Ender. There is (1) mansion on this map. It's not protected, but there is an obsidian border around it.  Being that this is the only mansion, no one can claim it. Sharing is caring. :)  Hopefully this will make it so people have the chance to actually grab the loot this time. 

Can't wait to play Survival 8.5 with you all! See you on the stream soon! <3 <3

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