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Skyblock reset incoming!

By SpaZMonKeY777 - Posted Jul 6, 18

Helloooooooooo Nuggets!

I know I have been rather MIA as of late, but I promise I have not disappeared for good! Kai and I have discussed getting this Skyblock reset done for a while now, and while I am still slammed IRL I have managed to get it ready! And today actually ended up being a perfect day for it, so I will be saving our old islands for the Museum, and resetting Skyblock immediately!

I don't know how long it will be until it's back online, but I am hoping within a few hours (maybe by 1pm EST?) I will update this news post as I get closer to it being done :)

And like Kai said, big thanks to everyone who helped pay the bills this month, especially Nimos who has been a big help many months in a row. We really appreciate it  <3 <3

Still working on a few last minute things. We'll let you all know when it's time to pop on. <3 <3

The new Skyblock 5.0 is up and running! Hooray!

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