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Ban Appeal

1 reply
Ingame name:
What Server? (Survival, Skyblock, etc)
Survival Server

Reason for ban?:
I was banned for stealing.

When did the ban occur (roughly)?:
Today March 6,2019

Please explain why you think you should be unbanned:
I know I just took some random person's stuff, but I put it back and won't do it again.
Posted Mar 6, 19 · OP · Last edited Mar 6, 19 by Toasty667
Kaioko @ Survival
Being that you're not brand new to the server, you already knew that we didn't allow griefing/stealing. Yet, you still did it. I banned your alt account, firstly because you said it was compromised, but also because we ban alt accounts when one is banned anyway.

You can re-appeal your ban March 14th. Do not post your re-appeal before March 14th and do not message any member of the staff regarding your ban or it will become permanent.
Posted Mar 7, 19