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Woodopolis Build Contest Winners!

Kaioko a
Kaioko @ ...::: AWNW.net's Surviva...
posted Thu at 10:05
This has been the hardest build contest we've had yet, and it's finally over! What amazing builders you all are! It was amazing to see what creativity spilled out when you were given such a limited approved block list. It was tough, but with the help of some amazing guest judges, we've picked out the 3 winners! Each one will be sent a gift code, and have a warp set in the contest warp room.

1st Place - Sacrificia & SpeedyMexico - Vineyard
2nd Place - Daloria - Baby dragon
3rd Place - Bossieboy - Zeus

If you followed instructions on how to join, and at least built something, you will find a trinket in your inventory in the /lobby. Gift codes will be sent out to the winners momentarily. Thank you all so much for participating!

<3 <3
Kai & Spaz

Red_Mage928 Congratz Winners! All the builds looked amazing ...
Bossieboy Wuuuuut I'm third awesomesauce! ...
Hiraku_Hiro congrats on the winners ^^.

AWNW is 2 years old!

SpaZMonKeY777 a
SpaZMonKeY777 @ ...::: AWNW.net's ...
posted Apr 10, 14
So here we are. Today marks AWNW's 2nd year anniversary! We could have never guessed what the last 2 years had in store for us, and we are so happy to have seen AWNW grow to what it is today, and still growing! So as a big THANKS to all our nuggets, we added a new feature in game, and started a sale in the Rank Shop!

- All items in the Rank/Gift Shop are 25% off for 1 week only! (Ends 4/18)
- New commands /hub and /lobby now feature instant server access! Try them in game!
- The website will be slowly be transforming over the next couple weeks, into a new design!

Thanks again to all our nuggets! We wouldn't be here without you guys and gals, and we look forward to some awesome updates/additions we have in store for the summer time! Wooo!

- Spaz and Kaioko

spaceship9000 be patient VVVVVVVV
hutchisonpatrick If at all possible, could someone take a look at my White-List application. I'm bored and this server looks as if it's o ...
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