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Pixelmon Updates!

SpaZMonKeY777 @ Survival
posted Nov 14, 14
So yesterday and today we have had some big updates to our Pixelmon Server! I have posted most the details on the forums, but I felt there was enough updates to warrant a big news post as well. We have been having a blast with pixelmon, and we hope everyone has been having a good time as well, so here are the updates!

- PokeLEGEND -
This is the new Pixelmon Rank that has been added to the shops (Click here to view). We have added a lot of awesome perks for this rank, and also made sure they weren't too overpowered compared to the rest, so check those out, especially during the sale! You can also view all our Ranks and Perks/Commands by Clicking Here.

- Shops and Warp System -
We have added the ability for players to make shops on Pixelmon and Kaioko has built the Warp Drive! Players can now buy a Town, Market, or Random Warp to be put into the Warp Drive House. Check the Pixelmon Shops and Warps System forum thread for more info!

And lastly, the Nugget Appreciate Sale is still going on until November 27th! Everything will be 25% during this sale that we do once a year for all our lovely nuggets of AWNW! We hope everyone is having a fantastic month so far, and we look forward to possibly being able to update to 1.8 in the coming months! Woot!

- Spaz

smartgalsam Can I please get white listed I really wanna play

Contest and Sale!

SpaZMonKeY777 @ Survival
posted Nov 8, 14
Heya everyone! First off, I wanted to congratulate all our winners of our Survival Halloween Build Contest! We had many awesome builds, and everyone who entered a qualifying build got a Lobby Trinket as well. But we had to pick 3 winners, and we ended up with 4 winners because we had such a hard time choosing! So congrats to our winners below:

1st Place - Desdrien & DoctorRicker - Magical Emproium
2nd Place - Sam_Reid - Haunted House
3rd Place - Daloria - Sp00ky Cat Trix
3rd Place - cy2796 - Halloween Parade

- Nugget Appreciation Sale -

And now that it is November, we wanted to bring back something we did last year, but even bigger! So we have now opened the Nugget Appreciation Sale! This sale will start today and go on until November 27th 2014, that way it gives everyone enough time to take advantage of the sale, which will  be 25% off EVERYTHING in the entire shop! You can Click Here to head to the shop and see all the details.

I am also now involved in testing some new 1.8 server software, and we should hopefully have some more info on when we will be updating to 1.8 in the coming weeks. So keep an eye out for that, and we love you nuggets!

- Spaz

djjilis 1.8!!! When the updates are finally good to go I can finally play in this great community ...
Athalon yay! So excited for 1.8
Nugget Appreciation Sale ends:
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