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New Sub Perk Test

SpaZMonKeY777 @ Survival
posted Oct 10, 17

Testing a possible cosmetic perk for anyone with an active Sub, Chat Color! Just type /cc and it will bring up a menu that can change your chat color! You will see some are disable, those are the annoying colors like black, dark blue, reds, etc. Give it a whirl, we aren't sure if it'll stay as it's a big change to chat and colors, but we'll see <3

If you want to support and Subscribe, Click Here!

ALSO! Kai and I did last month's voting contest drawing live on stream, so here is the highlight! Check the video description for all the winners, we gave away some extra codes as well, so congrats to all!

Foxgguy2001 @ ..:: AWNW.net's Lobb...
Man I would LOVE to see head database as a perk on survival. Would make decorating and adding so much good stuff so fun...
Fovruf At first I thought it was a nice addition for the subs, but now I started to dislike them. Specially these specific colo...

Nether & End Seed Bug

Kaioko @ Survival
posted Oct 9, 17

As you'll probably see it said for the next few days the Nether and End worlds unfortunately have the same seeds as last time - AGAIN. We're pretty sure now that it's because of the way we've set up how our Nether works and possibly a plugin causing this bug - but just wanted you all to be aware that we a very aware of the issue.

We will keep these worlds 'til their next scheduled reset so we can do some testing on our test server and hopefully sort it out for next time. Thank you to those who have been patient and understanding. We know it's a bummer to have the same boring seeds again, but it's not something that we could have avoided this time. 

<3 <3 

New Discord and Subscribers!

SpaZMonKeY777 @ Survival
posted Oct 3, 17

Heyo nuggets!

So as most of you probably already know, AWNW has now opened it's own official Discord channel! Woot! And with that, it means we have closed and retired our old Teamspeak3 server as well, since Discord will be all that we need now. For info on how to downloads and join Discord, check our wiki page for the details: http://wiki.awnw.net/index.php/Discord

ALSO: I have officially added a 'Subscriber' rank to all those who have Subbed on AWNW or on Twitch! It doesn't have any visuals to it in-game (yet), BUT I have added the first perk for our Subs... +10% mcMMO XP gain! And over time, we will try to get one good perk for each server added, and maybe a cosmetic perk as well so you can tell you're a sub in-game <3

For more info on subscribing: http://wiki.awnw.net/index.php/Subscriber

Kai and I have been having a blast streaming again, and we really are blown away by everyone's support while we do it, it really means a lot. I have today off, so Kai and I will be streaming later on tonight, just not sure what time yet. Keep an eye on the AWNW/Twitch logo on the left side of the site, and we will update the time as soon as I know :)

Thanks everyone!

darkcloyd can we still sub? how do we tell you?
VreeDogNight 10% boost will be awesome!
Maeluth SUB 10% wooo! Thanks spaz :) Awesome sauce!
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