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Phase 2 Incoming!

SpaZMonKeY777 @ Pixelmon
posted Dec 8, 14
Heya everyone, all the main AWNW servers will be offline for 30-60 minutes while I attempt to update all our servers to Minecraft 1.8! If you recall my last news post (Down below), this will be Phase 2 on the list, so it is NOT a new map for any of the servers, just updating to 1.8, and a crucial step to the last couple phases.

Hopefully everything will go well, and the update goes smoothly, and I will update this news post informing everyone to update their clients to Minecraft 1.8.1! Then we can begin bug testing all the new fancy 1.8 features, etc.

We are back online, and we had a nearly smooth transition! Survival, Skyblock, and Creative are online and running 1.8 very smoothly, although Hardmode hit some speed bumps and are offline until further notice. Please post any bugs/issues you find in our Bug Report Thread as well, thanks everyone!

We are now in Phase 2 officially, and Kaioko and I are working on Phase 3 (Building Survival 5.0 and features) so we hope to have more info on that coming soon! It's going to be awesome!

Note: This does not affect Pixelmon.

- Spaz

punisherfrosty cant wait for it!!!
van_Duyse Is there anything i can do to help speed up work for Phase 3?
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December and BIG Updates!

SpaZMonKeY777 @ Pixelmon
posted Dec 1, 14
So we have lots of big things to talk about this month, but first we have our Top Monthly Voting Contest Winners for the month of November!

Annastaysha - 123 votes
Mndude323 - 122 votes
armon101 - 120 votes

Congrats to all our voters, you'r $25 Gift Codes should already be in your inbox. And good luck to everyone voting on December, you can vote @ www.awnw.net/vote !

Now on to the big news... As most everyone has heard, Spigot has recently released their version of 1.8! This is huge news, and exactly what we have been waiting for in order to update all our AWNW servers (Except for Pixelmon, which stays 1.7.10 until developers update the mod). But naturally, we cannot just *DING* update our servers with a snap of the fingers, we have testing to do among other things. So below I am outlining the process we go through with updates, and what we have planned, so everyone can follow along!

Phase 1 - Plugin Testing/Updates
This is the phase we are currently in, and it involves Kaioko and I testing all our server plugins (We use over 75+ different plugins across all our servers) and we need to see which ones work and which ones break. Currently almost all our plugins work right away, but there are about 4-5 plugins that we have to wait to be updated before we can move on to Phase 2.

Phase 2 - Updating to 1.8 & Testing
Once Phase 1 is done, and all our plugins work without a hitch, we can finally update our main servers to 1.8! Does this mean a server reset or a new map right away? No. This means we simply update, and we introduce new items via in-game shops for everyone to play with. This gives everyone a chance to play with new items, new recipes, new mobs, etc and we can ensure that 1.8 goes over nice and smoothly.

Phase 3 - Preparing Survival 5.0
This will happen RIGHT after Phase 2 starts, and it's when Kaioko and I start shaping the new worlds for the big Survival 5.0, planning new features, etc. This phase shouldn't take too long, as Kaioko and I have already been planning 5.0 for a long time, and we have some REALLY cool ideas that I hope we can pull off, and it's going to be awesome. This will also effect Hardmode, but I don't have many more details other than that.

Phase 4 - The Big Launch
This is the final phase, and it's when we announce the official reset date, when the servers go down, and when they will officially open for the new map. Everything gets reset except your rank, and that includes mcmmo stats, money, items, home's, etc. BUT the entire world will be saved and loaded into our Museum world so it will be there to view forever and ever. The launch will be BIG and we always expect hundreds of players to be online for the launch, we've had upwards and over 200+ players online for new map releases, so be prepared! It's going to be awesome and we can't wait.

That's basically it, I hope this answers a lot of questions everyone is having. I can't really put any hard timeframes on each phase, but I am hoping we may reach Phase 4 as early as late December, or was late as early January at the latest. Either way, if we don't hit any speed bumps, we should see everything done within a month. I will post a MUCH more detailed post with all our new surprises and changes once we are in Phase 3, so everyone can plan ahead.

So get hyped! Tell everyone you know! AWNW will be 1.8 very soon and I hope everyone is as excited as we are, because it's going to be awesome :)

- Spaz

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PunkEpicButt omg I can't wait! I'm so excited!!! ...
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