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In-game mail fixes

SpaZMonKeY777 @ Vanilla
posted 20 hours ago

Hey all you lovely nuggets, just wanted to make everyone aware of some small (but nice) changes I made to our in-game global mail system! It was brought to my attention that mail was being auto-displayed (read) when you login, and all read mail was deleted after just 14 days after being 'read'. This caused a lot of mail to go unnoticed and then removed without anyone even knowing lol. (Thanks Guro for bringing this to my attention)

So NOW, any mail sent to a player will remain un-read until they actually type '/mail view' to read it, and then it will remain as unread for up to 90 days before being auto-deleted. Along with that, every time you login or swap servers, it will display a nifty bold alert saying if you have any unread messages like the screenshot below:

That's all! It's a tiny fix, but should make the use of /mail a lot crisper now and assure that all mail being sent/received is actually getting read by players lol. Enjoy! <3

Lunar_Lavender Thanks Spazmonkey and Guro, This will be handy for when my internet is bad, I was often missing some mail i had been sen...

Thank you!

Kaioko posted Mon at 15:31

We'd like to thank all of the wonderfully generous nuggets that have supported AWNW this month! Thanks to you, we met our goal and the server bills have been paid! It's because of your continued community support, either just by playing here, or being able to chip in for the montly server bills, that have made it possible to keep this community alive! Thank you so very, very much!

For those that have been asking, our server bills are due the 15th of every month. So as always, at the first of the month, the goal bar wil pop up and go away once the goal has been met.

It's almost June and there are a lot of exciting things coming to AWNW. Look forward for our monthly voting contest winners, contests and more info for Survival 8.0. No, this does not mean the server is resetting, we'll make a separate post with a date and time when it comes to that...so no more rumors folks. :)

Again, thank you so very much for your support. We love your faces!

<3 <3 

Kai & Spaz

We need your support!

SpaZMonKeY777 @ Vanilla
posted May 13, 17

Heya Nuggets!

As of right now, we have about a week before some of our main server bills are due, and we have $0 so far this month (We hit our goal, woohoo! Thanks for all the love everyone~)... AWNW is in need of your support! Because of a mix of Vanilla not having any perks and many players waiting on Survival 8.0 (no date yet btw), this has caused there to be no purchases in order to keep the server funded this month.

So any purchases in our shop ($10 or more) made between now and the end of next weekend (Sunday May 21st), players will get to request their nametag over their head be changed to a color of their choosing! And it will show up on ALL our servers! You can pick between these colors (staff can pick their green color if they'd like) and for now this is a one time pick, so choose wisely. After you make the purchase, just message myself or Kaioko @ www.awnw.net/contact with the color you would like, and we will change it for you! (Even though we hit our goal, we will continue giving this perk until end of Sunday)

Thanks for everyone's support, weare having loads of fun with Vanilla, and have lots of fun plans for Survival 8.0 that we will post more about soon <3

TheGary1134 I would trade a $25 gift card for a becon on skyblock. Mail me if interested.
Silver_Q SUB I got my name tag color changed to grey, I'm so adventurous :lol:
Banage This should be a yearly drive. Like 1 week a year players can donate to have a color change.
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