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Happy Bunny Day!

SpaZMonKeY777 posted Sun at 8:49
After reading a suggestion that was posted on the forums, I decided it was time we move up to a better voice server. Mumble was great because we got a 50 slot server for free with our website hosting, but it offered very little features and functionality overall.

So sometime tonight (Maybe around 10pm EST?), I will be bringing down our Mumble server, and setting up a 50 slot TeamSpeak3 server. So for anyone not familiar with TS3, get a head start and download TeamSpeak3 here. I will let everyone in Mumble know when I am about to take it down, and I will update the news here with information on how to connect to the new TS3 voice server.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend, and we'll see everyone tonight, and chat in the new TS3 voice server once it's up   :)

The new TeamSpeak3 server is up and running! There is a fancy module on the left of the website, and it'll show you how to sync up and join! Once I get everything finished, we will have your server ranks synced up in TS3 as well. The direct IP is awnw.enjinvoice.com if you are having troubles. Have fun!

- Spaz

darkcloyd I'd like to add. do not add over wolf. it causes a mess of problems, if you have over wolf and are having problems. unin ...
Silver_Q You guys read my mind, I've been hoping for a TeamSpeak server ever since I joined.
jamy469 Might want to check the update times for the Teamspeak module. It isnt updating constantly.. or at all.
This has been the hardest build contest we've had yet, and it's finally over! What amazing builders you all are! It was amazing to see what creativity spilled out when you were given such a limited approved block list. It was tough, but with the help of some amazing guest judges, we've picked out the 3 winners! Each one will be sent a gift code, and have a warp set in the contest warp room.

1st Place - Sacrificia & SpeedyMexico - Vineyard
2nd Place - Daloria - Baby dragon
3rd Place - Bossieboy - Zeus

If you followed instructions on how to join, and at least built something, you will find a trinket in your inventory in the /lobby. Gift codes will be sent out to the winners momentarily. Thank you all so much for participating!

<3 <3
Kai & Spaz

Red_Mage928 Congratz Winners! All the builds looked amazing ...
Bossieboy Wuuuuut I'm third awesomesauce! ...
Hiraku_Hiro congrats on the winners ^^.
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