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It's time... for 1.12.1!

SpaZMonKeY777 @ Survival
posted Sun at 9:23

Helloooooooo Nuggets!

I am bringing all the servers down this morning for an attempt at updating to the latest 1.12.1 version of Minecraft! I think we have most everything updated now, and if there are some small things we have to disable after updating, I think it will be okay in the long run and we can always fix/update them later.

No ETA on when things will be back online, but I will update this post with how the update is going. Hang tight!

EDIT: So far things are going smoothly, so while you wait, click here to learn all there is about the 1.12 changes!

EDIT2: Everything is back online and upated to Minecraft 1.12.1! Woohoo! I will make a forum post with any and all changes, but most everything is running smoothly. After lunch I will make the post with changes/bugs/etc <3

GoldenDogSqueeze As always WOOT WOOT!!! hahha

August has cometh!

Kaioko @ Vanilla
posted Aug 7, 17

Hello again, Nuggets! To start things off, here are the three lucky winners for the July Monthly Voting Contest!

(Check the video description for the winners if you are impatient lol)

Congrats to all three winners, your $25 AWNW Gift Code should be waiting in your inbox here on the website! Good luck to everyone voting during August, and thanks to EVERYONE who votes, it really helps bring us new friends to the community <3

ALSO: We have two weeks until our server bills are due, and we have not had much in the way of purchases/donations in the last couple weeks, no where near enough to keep things online. The last 2 months we dipped our funds in to keep things going, but we won't be able to do it again this month :( So if you still enjoy playing here and want to keep things going until we can update to 1.12 (More on that in a forum post soon), then feel free to make a purchase/donation and each penny goes to the server bills and keeping the servers/website alive~

Keep an eye out for an update on 1.12, it's been a pain in our butts trying to fix everything that broke, but we may just update and deal with what breaks anyways. But we will post more soon!

1.12 Info & Stuff.

Kaioko @ Vanilla
posted Jul 24, 17

Howdy Nuggets!

It's time for another update about..the update. As most of you already know we've been checking daily for updates to our plugins for 1.12. While a lot of them have updated, some of them have been abandonded by developers and we have not found appropriate replacements. What does that mean? For now, it means we don't update to 1.12. A lot of super important plugins have either not updated or have been abandoned, and that's a pretty big deal. That paired with our crazy busy schedules means we're hitting pause on the update.

You can still play the servers on 1.11.2 as you have been, that hasn't changed. The Survival reset was never announced, but as you can probably guess, that's on pause too. Unless of course you all want a reset on version 1.11.2 for Survival 8.0 - let us know. Of course if anything changes,we will let you all know right here.

Updating to 1.12 does not mean automagically updating to Survival 8.0.

Since it's been asked... a lot...mod applications are not currently open due to lowered player counts. Where is everyone? Well there's a lot of different answers for that. There are a lot of people wanting us to update to 1.12 (we do too), work, school, vacation, banned, etc. 

1+1 = noodle

When are we going to stream? As of right now we can't have a set stream time. BUT we may have some pop-up streams now and then, so follow our Twitch channel to know when we go live. We may even stream other games since Spaz has really gotten into Player Unknown Battlegrounds.

"Mansions don't exist, just sayin" - Yes, they do! There are three within the 30k x 30k border and two players have already found one of them. I'll try to post a video soon with proof. :)

Don't forget if you have any questions for us ever, or just want to say hi - click the contact button on the right-hand side of the website. When you click our names it automagically opens an e-mail directly to us. BEST way to communicate. And if you want to draw us a pretty picture, or handwrite a letter, you can send it to the Po Box listed there.

We love your faces, Nuggets! <3 <3

skull_kitty Yes, mansions do exist! I visited one on the vanilla server... I have screenshots :)
NolePaul Automagically? Love the word!
NolePaul As disappointing as this news may seem to some, it really stinks that not all the mods that this server uses are not bei...
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