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You're all magical and wonderful!

Kaioko @ Survival
posted Fri at 16:35

You've done it! The server has hit this month's goal, thanks to wonderful nuggets like you (well...actually you :D). Super giant hugs to all! 

<3 <3

Bartonini Np :p
xRayne93 Thanks a lot guys! &lt;3
M0noM4n1A Thank you generous Nuggets!

AWNW needs your help!

Kaioko @ Survival
posted Mar 13, 18

I really, really dislike having to make posts like this, but unfortunately Spaz and I can't keep things online this month. The last few months we haven't made goal, so we've picked up the slack ourselves. With me just starting my job and our hefty amount of bills, we just can't help at all this month. :( It's slow times like these that I really wish we were millionaires and could keep everything running on our own.

Now, the server bills are due in a few days and we don't have enough to even partially cover it this month. So we need your help. The goal bar is up and anything used in the upgrade/shop will automagically fill the bar. But if you send directly to PayPal or to the Donation button via the Shop page, it will not. Fear not, we're paying attention and will take the goal bar down when we've made it. <3 <3 

NolePaul I hear ya Imusik....kinda hit a financial snag myself. Getting things back in order. Tax season should be helpful on thi...
Forbidden69 Good Day to you ! I want to say Thank you For keeping the server up and running all these years. I have been bouncing in...
SparklyIsabella @ ..:: AWNW.net's ...
Thanks for letting us know. I'll upgrade as soon as I can find the dang paypal password!

February Vote Winners & Stuff!

Kaioko @ Survival
posted Mar 5, 18

Helloooo Nuggets! It's time to announce the winners for the February Voting Contest! Your randomly selected voters for the month of February are...

TheHungo    -    TwooeyVon    -    BossieBoy

These three have each won a $25 gift code to our AWNW rank shop! The codes should be in your inboxes now and can be used in the rank, upgrade and extra homes shops! Keep in mind folks, we randomly choose so it does not matter whether you can or cannot vote every single day. Each time you do counts and is another chance to be selected! Good luck to all of you voting in March!

I know we've been saying this for a while, but things ARE in the works! The museum server is being worked on as Spaz has time. We have just a bit more behind the scenes stuff and we should be good to go. Keep your eyes on the website for more details for that. We should be having another build contest on our Creative server soon and hopefully we'll have my Twitch schedule more sorted as well! 

There WILL be hanging out with you all this Friday 3/9 on Twitch! I will post on Facebook, Twitter, Discord and of course here as early as I can to give everyone time to figure out if they can hang out! There should also be scattered streams throughout the week (Ya know, like scattered storms...mooohahaha) as well.

We love your faces! <3 <3

xRayne93 Congrats, voters! :d Excited to see what the theme will be this go around!
bunnybagginz Congrats everyone!
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