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Kaioko @ Survival
posted Feb 14, 18

Happy love day my lovebugs! I might be doing a late night stream to hang out with you all on either Skyblock/Survival/Vanilla, etc! So keep an eye out for posts on Facebook,Twitter, or here on the website. <3 <3

xRayne93 Happy Valentines day, Kai &lt;3

January's Vote Contest Winners!

Kaioko @ Survival
posted Feb 1, 18

February is upon us! Expect Lovebug Kai during this month's streams...extra! It's time to announce our three winners from January's vote contest! These folks voted all throughout the month and were randomly selected:

bunnybagginz    -    KCPapacy    -    42nd_Doctor

Congrats to our voting contest winners, you all have won a $25 AWNW Gift Code, and it should be sitting in your inbox now! Good luck to everyone voting in February!! <3 <3

We have some contest ideas in the works, and it looks like we just might have the museum live for people to view many of our previous worlds on more than just Survival...very soon! :D Stay tuned!

<3 <3

SparklyIsabella Congrats, and I'm excited to hear about the museum!
bunnybagginz Thank you so much!
KCpapacy Awesome! Thanks!

It's Time

Kaioko @ Survival
posted Jan 6, 18

For a while, I've been trying to sort out how to talk to you about something that is and is not important to the server. It's not important, because it won't change anything server wise, but important because we've shared so much of our lives with you over the last almost six years. It just seems that since our families are aware, you should be too, since you are also part of our family. Many of you knew that Spaz and I had been together for a very long time, and while we're still great friends, we are no longer a couple and have not been for a little while now. We needed time to ourselves to sort through everything and while we still are in many ways sorting things out, it's been long enough where we can finally tell you all and start to move forward.

As I've said, this won't effect the server in any way. He's still helping with technical and behind the scenes things, still replying to his messages and when the internet allows, popping on from time to time. We just wanted to be honest with you, because as I said, we consider you all part of our family and we love you a lot.

Aside from Spaz adding a few words himself to this post, we won't be giving details or specifics. Just know that we do care about each other a lot and we're doing the best we can. And of course we love your faces, Always.

<3 <3 


Hey all, Spaz here! Kai pretty much said everything I would have lol, so not much to add.. I have been as active as I can on the site and helping technical-wise, but sadly my connection where I am at doesn't let me connect in game very well. But like Kai said, we love all your faces and not much will really change here, we are just all about keeping you all in the loop since you are apart of the family!  <3 <3

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Foxgguy2001 I've been away a bit, but, as everyone above has covered, very much wishing you both health and happiness, and you ...
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