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Pixelmon and Loot Crates!

SpaZMonKeY777 @ Survival
posted Sat at 8:49
The Pixelmon server is now updated to Pixelmon 3.2.5! This new version has a lot of bug fixes and many other features, which are listed here. I have updated our install thread on the forums, but here are some quick links to the latest downloads for Pixelmon and Forge:

The Pixelmon server has gotten MUCH more stable in the last few days, and it looks like we are finally making some progress. We are still in the testing phase though, so we have more to work on, but we are excited about the full release for the Pixelmon server!

In other news, Kaioko and I have started to do unboxing videos of Loot Crates! We get them from time to time, and we have their most recent Villains and Heroes crates from the last 2 months. Below is the video of me unboxing the Villains Loot Crate:

I will have the unboxing of the Heroes Loot Crate really soon, so stay tuned for that! If you are interested in Loot Crates, Click Here and this link will save you (and us) a few dollars off your Loot Crate subscription. Thanks for watching!

UPDATE: Here is the August Heroes Loot Crate!

- Spaz

armon101 Voted! damn it! I signed up for loot crate 2 days before u posted this -.- after I seen it as a suggestion on facebook.
Rockabilly_Red We used your link and signed up! I hope you get a discount I can't wait til we get ours in September! ...
Rockabilly_Red totally signing up for this lootcrate thing to surprise Tim! He and I will enjoy this I think! ...

Server Updates!

SpaZMonKeY777 @ Survival
posted Aug 11, 14
As many know, I had all our servers offline today for some much needed maintenance. Mainly we needed to start converting every single players profiles, inventories, settings, etc over to Mojang's new UUID system that will make way for 1.8 and beyond. So this was SUPER important, and converting nearly 20k+ players in all this took me all day lol.

With all this said, our server is now officially running 1.7.10 and on the new system, but there may be some bugs. One BIG bug is that Magic Carpet is currently broken! Please let other VIP2+'s know, and I hope to have it fixed ASAP, but for now it simply won't work on Survival.

Magic carpet is now working again! It is a very light-weight version though, so it works the same, but it won't displace water/lava, so please be careful. Also, the carpet may disable when you take damage. But at least it's back!

- Spaz

Camryn2003 I lost all my ips and i need this one back. Send me a message
CreepyAaronPie spaz do you mean that you cant go over lava/water at all such as a few blocks above or does it just not work for directl ...
Annastaysha ok, sounds like a plan! Thank you again for the hard work! =)
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