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Voting & Build Contest Winners!

SpaZMonKeY777 @ Survival
posted Nov 6, 17

At long last, we have not only our Voting Contest Winners (for October) but we also have our Halloween Build Contest winners, woohoo! I didn't have time to do a drawing video (real life been crazy lol), but I still drew 3 random names from our voters, and here are the three winners:

dadkevin    -    Simon_Mays    -    Squintz1

Congrats to our voting contest winners, you all have won a $25 AWNW Gift Code, and it should be sitting in your inbox now! Good luck to everyone voting in Novembers as well <3

And to find out the winners of our 5th Annual Halloween Build Contest check out the forum post here for all the details! Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry, we had a blast judging all the builds and checking them out :)

That_Goat SUB Mucho Congratulationso to yo!
VreeDogNight Congrats to those who won the monthly voting.

It's November!

Kaioko posted Nov 1, 17

Today is November 1st! Normally, that means resets for Skyblock Nether & End and Vanilla's End world. Due to bugs we've had with getting stuck with the same seed, we have to do things a bit differently and didn't have time this morning to do so. SO we will be sure that it's done by morning tomorrow (11/2). We'll also be announcing the voting contest winners in the morning as well. :)

The Halloween Contest has ended and those winners will be announced by early next week (earlier if time allows), so look out for that as well! 

Bigs Hugs,

Kai & Spaz

shroominkid Vote vote vote!

New Sub Perk Test

SpaZMonKeY777 @ Survival
posted Oct 10, 17

Testing a possible cosmetic perk for anyone with an active Sub, Chat Color! Just type /cc and it will bring up a menu that can change your chat color! You will see some are disable, those are the annoying colors like black, dark blue, reds, etc. Give it a whirl, we aren't sure if it'll stay as it's a big change to chat and colors, but we'll see <3

If you want to support and Subscribe, Click Here!

ALSO! Kai and I did last month's voting contest drawing live on stream, so here is the highlight! Check the video description for all the winners, we gave away some extra codes as well, so congrats to all!

Foxgguy2001 Man I would LOVE to see head database as a perk on survival. Would make decorating and adding so much good stuff so fun...
Fovruf At first I thought it was a nice addition for the subs, but now I started to dislike them. Specially these specific colo...
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